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Regularly provide quality calories essential for muscle development to gain muscle quickly without taking body fat for conditions close to the Fitness competition.


– Ratio of contributions in macro-nutrients: Carbohydrates 50% / 38% Protein / Fat 12%
– Number of Meals & Snacks Middle / Day:  6
– Mean Time between shots: 2 / 3h
– Hydration Average / Day: 2 Litres

The food type for the muscle


Your results depend on the quality of your diet and quantities which will be linked to your goal. There are 4 kcal per g of protein per g of carbohydrates, against, there is 9 kcal per g lipid. It is recommended that about 5 meals a day to maintain muscle growth while maintaining a constant blood sugar.

Never jump meals, and drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily for optimal muscle volume.

Among the carbohydrates, choose those with a Glycemic Index (GI). Regarding protein, be sure to bring at each meal in order not to degrade your muscles, when your body needs it most, whether the protein foods or protein powders . For fats, avoid fat cooking (prefer the oven or grill, or steam), and favor from fat dried fruits, fish, olive oil and avoid any form of saturated fat. For seasoning, replace salt with herbs or spices.



A fitness entrianement for muscle curve


The main thing that will determine your progress in bodybuilding remains primarily your total calories and your intake of supplements .

Complex carbon hydrates are preferable (cereals, wholemeal bread, pulses, brown rice, pasta ….). It is cooked quantities.

Make sure you absorb your carbohydrates with protein foods rich (white meat, fish, egg whites,) it will be more effective.

Fatty acids Omega 3 are recommended for a fast weight . They are found in fish, among others, are known to repel fatigue and give energy. Therefore encourage called unsaturated fats they are a source of energy (walnut olive oil, …) and your vegetables for your intake of vitamins and minerals.

So just a few minutes after ingestion, the amino acids are ready to be used by the muscles.

IMPORTANT:  This program is a database  provided for information that should help you determine your own program based on your body habitue and your own genetics. It is possible that your metabolism requires some adjustments from the characteristics of the city program to ensure optimal progression.

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