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Alucia Cream Reviews  With every passing day, competition between different beauty product brands is increasing. Every brand is trying to improve to make its product more compatible and suitable. Every other day a new product is launched into the market and everyday rankings change. During these times corrupt people take advantage of the situation and introduce lots of scam products in the market too. People become trapped in those scams and waste their thousands of money. It is a mistake on people’s part too. They don’t do the research related to product and check if the product is valid or not. While there is a race going on between different doctors and specialists on whose treatment or surgery method will be more effective and who will earn more fame there is a race going on between different products too. Everybody is competing in a different way of their own.

During this crucial period of deciding whom should we trust and whom we shouldn’t trust it becomes difficult for us to jump into a conclusion. That problem of ours is solved by a product named Alucia Cream. This product really does wonders to our skin. It is natural and gives us an anti- wrinkles skin. It is a permanent solution for skin of all types.

Numerous questions arise in our mind regarding Alucia Cream like Will it clear our wrinkles? Is it a scam? Is it really useful? Questions like these are always up in our mind. To be honest, we can’t find answers to such questions until we use a product ourselves. I am here to answer all your questions. This product isn’t a scam and it really does clear your wrinkles and gives a glow to your skin. The reason I am very confident with this product is because I have tried this product myself and I am really happy with the results it gave. While there is a battle going on between different products and specialists Alucia Cream is the product which you should be looking for. It is way better than surgeries and injection treatments which are hurtful and expensive and most of the time they don’t work instead you become a laughing stock for all others because of blunders you do with your skin. You are never pleased with the results through those treatments because deep inside you know that the skin face you are living is artificial no matter how good it looks you have to live with the fact. Plus there are a lot of cons associated like you have to limit yourself from certain things as precautionary measures. Sometimes you can’t even use makeup after treatment because it can react with your skin and give you a weird look. I don’t mean to make you fearful, I just want to tell you about truth that no one else will. Alucia Creamis a whole treatment in itself. I had wrinkles on my skin for a long time, but I did not know what to do. I tried every product that promised to remove wrinkles. But none of them worked. Instead, my wrinkles became more prominent. I was becoming hopeless every day. But as soon as Alucia Cream came into my life, my whole world was changed. It gave me, my skin the care it really deserved. By using this product I got baby soft skin. But I don’t want all of you guys to go through what I did. I recommend you should also use this product as it really increases your beauty.

About Alucia Cream:-

We all love makeup. It not only makes us look beautiful, but also hides many of our skin flaws. But using makeup too often cannot only be a problem to your skin, but also harms your skins underneath cells. You might even notice that after using makeup your skin becomes dry. That’s because collagen is damaged. The collagen is present in your skin is the protein that holds all your body together, even your skin. But it is damaged by continual use of makeup. Alucia Cream repairs the collagen and gives you beautiful skin.Along with having anti-wrinkle properties, Alucia Cream gives your skin a natural glow. If used properly, Alucia Creamgives you soft, smooth and subtle skin.

An All natural formula: –

This product unlike all other products is totally nature base. It does not contain any harmful chemicals. It is different from all other anti-aging products that contain chemicals that can do only harm to your skin. All those products don’t even remove wrinkles but also makes your skin dry, rough and unappealing. Unlike those products, Alucia Cream removes all your wrinkles without damaging your natural skin texture. Alucia Cream not only removes wrinkles but also cures your damaged skin cells but also remove the dead skin that has been stuck there for years making you look old. It does not only work on wrinkles but is a product well known to heal puffy eyes. It can reduce puffiness. It tightens your skin cells that give you a younger look. You will also notice the advantages that this product will do to skin in a short time. And the best thing is that it remains effective for a long time.

Clinically proven product: –

Choosing a product for yourself especially for your skin can be really hectic. You can’t obviously trust every product, but if the product is proven clinically then it becomes easy for us to limit our choices. Alucia Cream is a clinically proven product. This product had to go through the trial period which was about 8 weeks. Many women took part in this free trial period to check whether the product really worked or was just a fraud. To scientist’s surprise, it did really work without causing harm to anyone’s skin.  It gave remarkable results that every women desires for. Soft, smooth, wrinkle free skin, that’s what every woman wants for herself. It is a very effective product. Depending upon your skin type and how your skin cells might react towards this product, the time period of heeling may vary. But important thing to be noted is that this product should be used regularly as it is suggested in instructions. If the product is not used for specific time period then, you might not have desired results.

How Alucia Cream works: –

As stated earlier the collagen present in your body is the main reason for you tight skin, when it gets damage due to any skin product or makeup. Your skin starts falling; this falling of skin is called wrinkles. Skin also repairs itself. But when the cause, due to which your skin is becoming old, becomes too often then even skin can’t restore its texture. Alucia Cream works as a natural armor helping skin repair itself, preventing skin from factors that might result in wrinkle formation.

Advantages of Alucia Cream: –

Alucia Cream is an efficient and beneficial product. It has numerous advantages, however, few of them are mentioned here, which are as follows: –

Hydrate your skin: –

Water is a very important ingredient not only for your body but also for your skin, as it can help you get rid of many skin problems. This product, Alucia Cream, does what water do to your skin. It helps you to keep your skin hydrated. Hydration of skin gives you a natural glow which adds to your beauty.

Anti-free radicals: –

Free radicals that are present in many skin products can result in decolorizationof our skin which disturbs us. But as this product contains only natural ingredients, then there is no question of decolorization.

Reduces puffiness: –

As mentioned earlier, this product reduces puffiness that might occur due to late sleeps. Or can also be due to some tension or mental stress. But Alucia Cream helps you get rid of your puffy skin patches under your eyes.

Removes wrinkles: –

The main reason you will use this product is that it removes wrinkles very efficiently. Acting as a moisturizer, it also gives you soft skin.

Repairs your skin: –

Dead skin can really be problematic for our looks. As it retains water, this product hydrates your removes dead skin cells and repairs any damaged cell present in your skin.

Soft skin: –

This product can also moisturize your skin making it softer and smoother than ever before.

Summary: –

It is far best anti-aging product found in market. The best thing about this product is that it contains everything natural, which can remove risk of any harm. This product is readily available nearly in all online stores but you can also buy it from its product official online store. It is important to read the instructions and details about the product before you buy the product to avoid any incident. So come on, hurry up and get your own Alucia Cream before it’s too late. It is by far the best products I have tried.

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Dr. Stéphane Cascua

Physical activity has proven effective in the fight against overweight.

osteopathA study in Britain shows that the increase in obesity is not associated with increased caloric intake of English but is correlated with levels of comfort equipment: car, TV , washing machine, etc. Thus, the main factor being overweight is not food but a sedentary lifestyle!

Move in the day!

Walking, climbing stairs, gardening, tinkering. All these activities are particularly beneficial to keep or regain the line. Of course, there is a long term project. But this new lifestyle is incredibly effective. If you decide to walk 30 minutes a day, in one year, you will consume the equivalent of 7 kilograms of fat

Make endurance sports!

Swim, cycle, run, do cardio indoor and cross country skiing in winter.The endurance sport burns a lot of calories because it is played on a long time and calls for a large muscle mass. To maximize its effectiveness, after a gradual warming of 10 minutes, stay at least 20 to 30 minutes at medium speed. At this intensity ‘you can talk but not sing.’ Again, making a run for half an hour, three times a week for 1 year, you burn the equivalent of 6 kilograms of fat.

Remember muscle building!

More muscular you are, the more you spend energy doing nothing!Throughout the day you burn calories just to maintain your muscle mass. Indeed, this noble fabric of our body is the seat of intense chemical activity. constantly we must repair and maintain in working all the muscle fibers. So men more muscular than women due to their hormones, have the right to eat every day a little more! So if you lose weight, including muscle at the end of a chaotic regime, you are likely to take more kilos than you’ve lost! A muscular sportsman burns at rest 5 to 10% more energy than sedentary skinny! That is the equivalent of 6 to 7 kg of fat in a year! Rest assured ladies, he is not about to become muscular. Rather shapely figure and refined enough. To sculpt your line, do fitness, gym maintenance and maybe some weight training.

Work your support!

To look beautiful, it is not enough to be lean and muscular. A strong muscle is not contracted more at rest, it is not ‘toned’. The high level swimmers back beefy yet they stand vaulted. A nice posture depends on learning. Playing a sport seeking the beauty of movement, our nervous system and program automates the muscle contractions to have a nice figure. To refine your look, do the dance, gym or fitness.You can also opt for riding, including training? or take care to keep your back while working front of your screen!

Vary your physical activities

Get moving in everyday life: walking, climbing stairs, gardening and tinkering. Make endurance sports to burn calories during the workout.Strengthen your muscles consume energy between sessions. Think of the sport to work maintaining your posture. Diversify your practice to maximize the benefits of sport on the silhouette. Vary you also to avoid boredom and keep all the fun for your entire life!

Make a habit of moving!

You understood the effectiveness of the exercise is indisputable but for the long term. Also, if you become active and athletic body impregnates your good resolutions and soon stabilize his weight at a lower level. another ‘pondérostat’ for your new way of life is said to be fixed. You will be thinner and you will give you a few differences without the balance you hold it against.

Be careful with ? stereotypes ? !

Scientific rigor requires some remarks and comments on some platitudes.

Fat does not turn into muscle!

You know, the muscle fibers consist of a long line of protein. The fibers are like big streets and each protein is one of the buildings. The stones of these buildings are the amino acids from the diet. These have nothing to do with the fatty acids stored in adipose tissue in relation to the muscles. To sculpt the silhouette, we must simultaneously gain muscle and spend these fats.

So if? Suchard square? do not characterize your abdominal wall, if your stomach is clearly covered by one? chocolate mousse Danone?, do abdominal can not create new muscle layer above the adipose panicle. The muscles under the fat cells. Abs can not be protruding above the layer of fat. The ? chocolate bar? can not cover the? foam ?.

Strengthening the abdominal does not? pull your stomach?

Strength training does not increase is not muscle tone? fortunately.

Muscle tone is the contraction of the muscle at rest. It can increase to maintain and protect a sore joint. When you suffer from lumbago, to limit inadvertent movements of the spine, back muscles are? toned?.If the weight allowed for muscle toning, you would finish your session stiff and crooked!

When you strengthen your abs, you do not increase their state of contraction. If you voluntarily retract the stomach is the lower abs that is most contracted. The fat and the gut back and make a ball just under the thorax: nothing to do with a beautiful belly revealing the muscular terrain.

Conversely, the state of contraction of the abdominal superb plate of chocolate continues to meet the principles of physiology! You complete the communion meal by a second cousin cream puff went straight down the room-mounted. Your abdominal relax, reduce their tone in digestion phase. They leave room for this? abundant? food.Bodybuilding or not, you need? discreetly loosened a notch your waistband!

By working a muscle, you do not burn the fat that covers the

Sir, it is not causing such a damned abs you see disappear belly fat!Madam, it is not overworking your buttocks that cellulite hips evaporates. The burning sensation felt in a muscle that is working intensively does not cause the melting of the fat posed above. Your abs and your glutes are not frying pans, small buoy your fat is not a lump of butter.

Some monitors claim that create “glutes abs” melts the fat from the hips. Simultaneously, they extol the virtues of work pectorals to support and enhance your breasts! Consistency and analytical mind seem letting them down! If cause muscle causes the loss of fat covering it, they should, on the contrary, warn you: “Attention, building your breasts chest melted like snow in the sun! ”

Fortunately, the fat can disappear thanks to the overall calorie consumption of the body. Look marathoners: they have the upper limbs skinny. Intense muscle activity legs drew his energy into his arms. Similarly, the grease used by the abs to perform an exercise and especially to talk to the rest comes from the body. Do not be discouraged, on the contrary, continue to do weight training.Strengthening each of your muscles, you tap into all of your fats. By working your chest, you refine your waist and your hips!

Sweating does not lose weight, sweat is not the fat that melts!

The sweat bead on your belly is not fat that background, it is water. It evaporates only trying to cool? your body burning. There is no need to emphasize this phenomenon by covering up with a thick layer of clothing or a windbreaker. After a heavy sweat Sports origin, the balance you good news, a kilo less! ? in one sitting! But the result is ephemeral: you have lost water! And, for your survival, it is essential to drink. Fortunately, you quickly retrieve your lost kilo.

The sport is not incompatible with a ‘diet’.

On the contrary, sport is essential to effectively and sustainably lose weight. Energy expenditure during exercise is useful. But it is especially the maintenance of muscle mass, which is essential.Indeed, the muscles are often undermined by restrictive diets. The organization collects in both the muscle than in adipose tissue that food no longer makes it. The sport ? and nutritional behavior not neglecting the proteins are essential to prevent muscle wasting.Following the advice in this book, you will manage to do sports without increasing your appetite. You will come to eat less while maintaining good physical abilities.

Muscle maintenance fostered through sport is more important than this tissue consumes a lot of energy to do nothing! So it is essential to preserve capital. It saves you the end of? supervised diet? to regain more weight than you do lose? due to decreased muscle mass!

Needless to play sports more than 45 minutes to start to lose weight!

Affirming the need to exercise more than three quarters of an hour to start tapping into fat comes from the interpretation of scientific data misunderstood! Some explanations are necessary to encourage and guide you in your daily practice.

What matters is the cumulative time!

To burn fat requires more oxygen to burn sugar. When stress becomes more intense, you do not wait to feel out of breath oxygen running out. In this context, the muscle uses more sugar. Conversely, when the power of exercise is moderate, the body has enough oxygen, muscles prefer to burn fat whose reserves are virtually inexhaustible. You understood, making it induces lipid utilization is not the extended term but low intensity! So at that speed you could continue your activity at least 45 minutes. This justifies the confusion between ‘extended period’ and ‘moderate’. This explains the wrong advice!

Thus, the muscles primarily consume fat at rest and little sustained effort. To keep your back straight at your computer, to walk, climb stairs, to tinker, to garden or do housework, you burn fat. Then move in your life everyday! Your daily activities? even split? are very effective for slimming! What matters is the cumulative time of the day, week and year!

The intense sport is not useless!

Rest assured most intense sports are not useless to keep or regain the line. If you consume sugar during exercise carbs before swallowing the next meal will replenish muscle sugar stocks. They do not turn into fat! If you are short of breath during your step class of pump or body-fight, it does not matter! Your sport helps you lose weight anyway!

Prolonged activities bring you a little ‘more’!

You understood, prolonged activities are necessarily moderate. They help burn more fat. Moreover, when the effort is prolonged the body tends seeking more willingly to inexhaustible energy reserves. True, from 45 minutes accumulated stress hormones reach more actively mobilize the fatty acids in the fat cells. That does not increase the amount of calories lost but can motivate you to schedule, this weekend, a hike or a long bike ride.

To burn fat and lose weight, vary your activities

As you can see each activity has its advantages! Feel free to practice many sports, enjoy yourself! Move throughout your life! This is the best way to have the line!

Sport hardly made weight against cellulite

Cellulite consists of small fat deposits surrounded by a thick fibrous tissue. Each stall form one? nodule? which gives this aspect? Orange peel ? quite characteristic. This fibrous matrix disrupts vascularization fat stored there. The blood reaches more difficult there to take away the accumulated fats. Cellulite fat is difficult to mobilize, particularly during exercise and diet?

Ladies? you will never lose weight where you want?. You burn your fat fire exercise, you throw it a draconian mired at the slightest seasoning your salad: your cheeks hollow, your chest is more discreet, but your hips continue to be enthroned on the chair! Thus was born the great myth, illusory, of? glutes ABS ?.

If these ? cellulite fat? are more specific to women is that their use typically proves feminine. The body protects to devote to their function: to provide the energy necessary addition to the last two trimesters of pregnancy and lactation. This latter period, however, is proving most effective for weight loss? located?. So what if? nurse? is not your profession?

care creams and ‘sudisettes’ can they help you slim down to where you want?

The ? sudisette bermuda? blocks the heat removal and evaporation of sweat. Again, the local sweating increase is not synonymous with weight loss. But the increase in local temperature promotes the opening of the small vessels that tried in vain to release outward accumulated heat. Similarly, when you’re hot, your face flushed by dilation of the capillaries of the face. In theory this phenomenon improves local skin and vasculature? … perhaps the most superficial fat layers. It would promote the mobilization of cellulite fat.

Care creams often contain caffeine or enzymes. The first substance is trying to locally stimulate the release of fat. The second attempt to degrade somewhat the supporting tissue that surrounds the vessels and traps fat. Again, these products would promote fat mobilization.These products have recently made some interesting progress. A review of independent consumer has shown some efficacy in a number of product especially for those of the brand L’Oreal.

Nevertheless, the results remain discreet. As you guessed, these devices allow at most fat release, but cause in no combustion. They must be involved in physical activity!

For ? locate? maximum fat loss, medicine is not particularly effective to offer. So you can try it? sudisette bermuda? for sport and? care creams? before and after your workout. That is less restrictive and less expensive than cosmetic surgery!

However, in any case, you should exercise the bust and members covered with a waterproof garment blocking the evaporation of sweat. You know, the sweating that would result would not make you lose weight. You know, the fountain is not the fat that melts. At most, would you be a victim of dehydration causing the premature interruption of your business see responsible for a serious illness!

In addition, Ms., know that your feminine design so appreciated is inherent in the envelope fat distributed around the hips. It is present in anticipation of pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is part of? sexual characteristics? It is useful to differentiate the appearance of both sexes and seduce the partner. In short, this light panicle depends the survival of the species … So do not desperately struggling to see it disappear completely. Better yet, it is for your health. This adipose tissue involved in the production of the famous hormones that protect your arteries and bones. His presence is correlated with reduced risk of heart inherent in the female crisis. So please keep some feminine curves because? media standards? spreading in magazines are unrelated healthy criteria.

5 Surprising Benefits of weight training on your health

5 Surprising Benefits of weight training on your health

You think that bodybuilding is only used to get big biceps? Let all those who raise the melting are fans of bulking up to show off on the beach this summer? Think again ! Strength training has many virtues that you can not ignore if you want to take care of your health!

1) Strength training improves its silhouette

barbell weightEndurance sports like running have many benefits for the body (including cardiac point of view), but they do not strengthen all muscles of the body, such as abs or arms.

A healthy body should have no muscular deficit .

All muscle deficit will have to be compensated by seeking more other muscles. For example, a strength deficit in the midsection causes excessive use of the back muscles every day. This abnormal working the back muscles can cause pain in the back that can become annoying or debilitating.

Strength training makes it possible to develop and consolidate a large majority of body muscles in a targeted manner.abdominal strengthYou are a woman and you are afraid of becoming a bodybuilder oversized muscles? 🙂Rest assured! Muscle development is more complicated to get women. It requires training and special dietary … Ladies, practice strength training will not give you big muscles, instead, you will tone up and improve your figure!

By cons for you gentlemen, regular weight training you will, among other to develop your pectorals, to have a strong back, wider shoulders and better posture so overall quite aesthetically appreciable 🙂

2) Strength training prevents backache

backache bodybuildingDid you know that the majority of back pain are muscular pains order? Strengthening back muscles allows the prevention and reduction of the famous “back pain” , a true modern chronic disease.

So more back muscles are toned, more keeps the spine is provided.In addition, the muscular development of the abdominal and lower back, which play a key role in the balance of the basin, effectively prevents backache.

A balanced and toned musculature is therefore an important issue to prevent a position too arched or hunched daily.

3) Strength training helps fight against osteoporosis

Remember, osteoporosis is a disease that is manifested by excessive skeletal fragility, due to decreased and impaired bone mass (see article on WikiPedia ).

When the weight is associated with a balanced diet, this activity becomes a predominant element of prevention in the fight against osteoporosis .Indeed, when the muscles contract, they exert a pull on the bones to which they are attached. This stress causes the bones to strengthen by accumulation of calcium .

bone densitometry measurements performed in women who started weight training after 50 years, show a decrease and stabilization of osteoporosis.

4) If the muscles can prevent the effects of aging.

fitness seniorMaintaining good muscle tone is an important factor for the mobility and independence of older people.

Strength training can be practiced even in old age! Indeed, exercises located on a muscle (called analytical exercises) produce virtually no cardiovascular stress.

By increasing muscle mass (and thus the strength and bone mass), seniors improve their balance and thus their ability to travel.There is even talk of seniors who have shed their cane after beginning a strength training program.

5) Strength training improves well-being

Like many physical activities, weight training promotes endorphin secretion. This hormone is a natural tranquilizer which reduces stress.

Also, have a more toned, stronger and healthier helps to have more self-confidence!

Strength training and the paleo diet

Strength training is an integral part of the Paleo model … Our hunter-gatherer ancestors had intense physical activity and were regularly lifting heavy objects : wood, animal carcasses, shelter materials, stones etc …

To practice bodybuilding in the Paleo diet  :

  • Prefer explosive movements apace.
  • Doing functional exercises involving the whole body to develop large athletic skills and a very good force / weight.

Ideally, the sessions should not last more than 30 minutes.

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Weight Training: how well their muscles and remove the fat

Weight Training: how well their muscles and remove the fat


The strength develops strength, power and muscular endurance. The fitness is a form of training in strength training to the tone , the physical form and appearance. Thecardio means a drive based on the control of heart rate during exercise. These three practices can be addressed both in the weight room than at home or outdoors to increase the basic metabolism and burn fat . The muscles are energy!

Strengthening exercises practiced in training are poly-articular , they seek at least two joints in the same action to the example of squat, or single-joint , we speak of isolation movement . The programs taken to build muscles are called full-body , when working all muscle groups each session, or split when work muscle groups is spread over several sessions. Programs half-body are intermediaries, a meeting was devoted to the upper body, the next lower body. Finally, there are programs that tend to develop only part of the body (arms, chest etc ..) or one motor quality ( explosiveness , tone etc ….)

Weight Training program

Muscle mass Making Program

muscle mass gainHow to take muscle mass? Accrued move and implementation rates differ according to the purpose (aesthetic, power, maintaining a high basal metabolic rate)

Full Strength Training Program Body Weight

toning program without hardwareWith this full body workout circuit-training is a general body tonic that will be gained without excessive weight gain. There is a successive activation of all body muscles (triceps, abs, back etc …) in a rest-stress alternation which is adjustable according to the level of the practitioner. It increases the basal metabolism which is great for burning calories, even at rest!

All Strength Training programs

bodybuilding programOur fitness programs have performance targets ( catch volume , explosion, tone), aesthetic (having a flat stomach , amuscular back , the buttocks bounce ) or health ( increase the basic metabolism ,find a good physical condition ) .

Resistance exercise


clad in bodybuildingThe sheathing works the deep abs by standing still. To complicate reduces the support feet and hands or modifying the support.A good sheathing program consists of 5 rounds of 5 stand for 30 seconds to one minute by getting 30 “between postures.

tensile strength

Tensile strength training exerciseSucceeding a tensile strength is the aim of this learning program feasible at home. The pulling exercise ensures a rapid strengthening of the back, at the latissimus and teres major muscles, and arms to the biceps. The pulling action is executable with a bar, a guided load device or suspension straps.


developed resistance exercise layerThe bench muscle quickly chest . There are at least five forms of bench targeted effort on different muscle bundles. Thus the developed close hands strengthens the central part of the chest.

All strength exercises

squat strength training exerciseIt classifies the strength exercises into 2 categories: body weight exercises without equipment or exercises with loads. These charges can be free (dumbbells, weight bar, kettlebell) or guided. Guided loads are better for beginners to build muscles quickly without injury.

Fitness equipment and fitness


elliptical to muscle backThe elliptical, like cross-country skiing,Nordic walking and apartment rower , is a near-complete sport muscularly. All the muscles of the body part in a fluid motion limiting the traumatic impact on the joints.


fitness equipment dumbbellsThe realization of exercises with weights requires a significant effort to stabilize compared to exercises on guided loads; muscular work is now complete and fully functional. A free training program of 15 specific strength training exercises with hand weights and a training log adapted can be downloaded from this page.

All fitness machines

adjustable weight bench
adjustable weight bench

The fitness equipment cheap can still be very effective. Indeed it is not always worth investing lots of money in the purchase of equipment to build muscle; the choice of material and thus its price depends primarily on physical results you expect.

Food for bodybuilding


Spirulina and bodybuildingSpirulina is seaweed sports. It is an ideal food for muscle because it is an exceptional protein supplement for muscle mass and in terms of muscle oxygenation.

dry weight program

program to lose body fat quicklyAn example of progression to dry weight program to lose fat remaining in the stomach and hips.

All pages on the bodybuilding diet

Power to build musclesThe power to weight training is specific to the extent that it meets certain requirements relating to the maintenance and building of muscle fibers. The contribution especially in protein should be more important than the ration of a sedentary.

Muscles or muscle groups


abdominal muscles13 abdominal exercises for beginner, intermediate and expert

Bodybuilding Dos

have a back muscleBodybuilding back is possible with or without camera: pushups, casing, rowing, deadlift (deadlift). His back muscles responds to an aesthetic concern, to drive efficiency and health.


weight for pectoralstrength exercises for pectoral increase in volume or to increase the explosive force of the pectoral with equipment (dumbbells and bars) or without equipment (pumps) and associates stretching exercises.

Anatomy adapted to the practice of bodybuilding

weight for pectoralHave to know anatomy can follow a consistent weight training and not traumatic. Muscle and joint trips peculiarities of the human body guide the selection of appropriate exercises to perform.

How to build muscle? Effective methods to gain muscle

How to Get Ripped Abs

how to Get Ripped AbsRipped Abs been multiple requests. offers some answers to questions that often arise athletes for their strengthening.

the most effective methods to build muscles

how to build muscle fastHow to build muscle? The effective methods to quickly build muscle without injury differ between the aims pursued. They depend, above all, a weight at home, the available devices.

Start weight training

Abs program beginning

beginner strength training programThe Abs program of weight training without equipment for beginners is more aimed at sedentary people and young mothers wishing to regain a flat stomach after pregnancy. The pace of implementation is slow, controlled and continuously. Muscle contraction is accompanied by a complete expiration urging the diaphragm and deep abdominal.

beginner strength training program for weight loss

rope beginner program squatA skipping rope and a broomstick enough to follow at home that weight training for beginners wanting to lose fat . For 30 minutes it is 5 minutes toggle rope, 30 squats with a broomstick held in outstretched arms outstretched above the head, 30 seconds rest 5 minutes of rope, 30 squats etc …

Weight Training for Beginners

strength training for beginnersConcepts and basic tools to start weight training like painting, training log and pictures of bodybuilding facilitate the implementation of the comprehensive training program in the methodology. Our folderStrength beginner has 3 parts:

3 rules to strengthen muscles and to stay in shape

3 rules to strengthen muscles and to stay in shape

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It takes time, consistency and persistence to strengthen the muscles and make the size of a healthy and sustainable way. To be fit and stay in shape, three essential elements must be considered: feeding, training and rest. This article will give you some useful information on how to do it.

1. Plan & calorie intake 

Dieting is much more than reducing calories to lose weight. You should eat according to your goals. Similarly you can not imagine to stay healthy with a diet of “fast food” you can not hope to build muscle by eating only salad. The secret is knowing which foods to eat and how much you should eat to fuel your gains.

healthy foods to stay fit

First, determine the amount of calories you burn during the day when your body is at rest. This is your basal metabolic rate (BMR) , which can be calculated using the Harris-Benedict equation :

For men: TMB = (13.75 x WEIGHT KG) + (5 x HEIGHT IN CM) – (6.76 x AGE) + 66

For women: BMR = TMB = (9.56 x WEIGHT KG) + (1.85 x HEIGHT IN CM) – (4.68 x AGE) + 655

As an example, consider the case of a man 20 years weighing about 60 kg and measuring 180 cm:

(13.75 × 60) + (5 × 180) – (6.76 × 20) + 66 = 1656

For a woman with the same physical characteristics, the result would be:

(9.56 × 60) + (1.85 × 180) – (4.68 × 20) + 655 = 1468

Then calculate how many calories you burn per day during your workouts and adds them to your BMR. You can use the following checklist to determine this number by choosing the factor that best suits your level of physical activity.

–   Sedentary (little or no exercise per day) = Multiply the BMR by 1.2
–   A little active (some exercise / 1-3 days a week) = Multiply the BMR by 1.375
–   Moderately active (moderate exercise / 3-5 days a week) = BMR by 1.55 Multiplies
–   Very active (intense exercise / 6-7 days a week) = Multiply the BMR by 1.725
–   Extremely active (intense exercise every day of the week, or with two drives) = Multiply the BMR by 1.9

The total number is calories you need to maintain your current weight. To return to the examples above, and assuming that both are moderately active athletes, the total would be:

Man: → 1656 x 1.55 = 2566

Woman: → 1468 x 1.55 = 2275

If you want to lose fat while building muscle tissue , you should eat just below that number. For example, if your maintenance calories are about 2300, you have to eat about 2000. In this way, it is possible to lose weight and keep the muscles that you had.

Regarding time management, you can organize a schedule for carbohydrate intake and fat. If you prefer to lead you in the morning, you have to take your serving of carbohydrates at breakfast and book the slow digestion of fats for dinner. Take your carbohydrate foods just before and immediately after your workout. This way, your body will have a source of energy available for your training. As post workout meal, carbohydrates play an essential role in promoting hypertrophy and building of muscle tissue. Do not forget that the type of food and supplements you consume after your workout will determine how your body will react in the following hours.

Proteins, carbohydrates and fats to include in your diet

Strength training requires a proper intake of protein . The recommended dose is 1 to 1.5 g per kg (2 pounds) of weight. You have to distribute them throughout the day, with 5 to 6 meals, with intervals of three hours. Reserve meals with more protein for periods of little activity.

Supplementation is also a great help to get the most out of your workout.Complete your diet with multivitamins dailies, pre-workout formulas , of digestive enzymes , and isolate whey protein . To help your recovery, take the BCAA  after your workout and glutamine before bed.

Here is a list containing all that is needed to guide you when you organiseras your meal times, from the macro-dense protein andcomplex carbohydrates to the essential fatty acids for fuel the body at optimum levels:

Eating well is not only to improve your performance

Eating well is not only to improve your performance. This prevents fatigue and breakage …! Because our body is very busy during the effort, and he must not miss anything! To prevent sores and keep fit, follow our tips!

How to avoid the shot bar or breakage during sport? By making the right food choices!

Tone plate!

To prevent the change of course, must be full of energy before exercise! For that, no secret: you have to think carbohydrates. It is the fuel footballer! These sugars will allow the body to store resserves directly used during the game.Pasta, rice, potatoes, bread … so must imperatively appear in the menu.Warning: take your last meal at least three hours before the event. Otherwise, the energy used to digest risk of you defaulting on the ground …

During exercise, these are the sugars that give you back a boost in case of loss of power. You can opt for soft drinks (not too concentrated) or cereal bars. Also consider the dried fruit is an excellent easily assimilated energy snack. They provide, in addition, valuable minerals for muscle activity (especially potassium and magnesium).

An iron!

sports nutritionIron is a trace mineral that enters the composition of the red cell hemoglobin, myoglobin muscles, and many enzymatic reactions necessary for cell respiration. It is an essential element to keep fit and avoid the cons-performance. From the perspective of the coverage of needs, meat, especially red meat, is the most interesting source: it contains the form of iron is best absorbed by the body. Furthermore, meat, poultry or fish will promote the absorption of this mineral from other foods. They are thus essential food to avoid deficiencies. But swallowing iron-rich foods is not enough! It should also consume vitamins (C, for example) that facilitate the absorption of this mineral.So do not forget the fruits and vegetables. In contrast, other foods such as tea or coffee decrease its absorption. To avoid !

No bobo!

To stay strong and avoid small accidents, you must maintain your entire body, focusing on the muscles and bones.

  • For muscles: Meat, fish and eggs are rich in protein to help maintain muscle (contrary to popular belief, red meat consumption has no effect on the risk of tendonitis). The proteins also involved in the production of bone matrix.
  • For bones: Dairy products at every meal to ensure adequate intake of calcium and protein, which help strengthen the bones. Please note, dairy desserts (custards, creams …) provide less calcium than yoghurt and fermented milks.Alternate cheese and milk to limit fat intake. Do not forget vitamin D, essential for bones. She hides in eggs, butter and liver in particular.
  • For the body: Fruits and vegetables, which give you fiber, vitamins and minerals to keep the body at the top. They also provide you with the antioxidants to fight against injuries. Eat at least five fruits and vegetables daily, fresh canned or frozen.

In practice, see our races for athletes to make good food choices. And do not forget to drink regularly.

7 tips for diet and dry

7 tips for diet and dry

dry weight

To lose weight successfully, you know what to do sport and not rely solely on the regime. Of course, without sport this works but we may end up with a soft thin and unattractive figure. When talking about sports with the regime, it is thought primarily to running or other endurance sport.But there are better and more efficient!
The best way to lose fat is to combine the sports of endurance, strength and speed. This is the winning combination! To help you achieve your goal, here are 7 tips for diet and dry.

How much weight can you lose in a diet?

If you are overweight and need to lose weight accumulated over the years – or after a goodground connection – you must have reasonable goal as the loss of about 1 kg per week. This is a realistic objective and not excessive. Wanting to lose more is quite possible but losing weight may be muscle mass, and this is not desirable at all.
In fact, losing muscle lowers metabolism that is to say, consumption of calories your body. What being a victim of the “yo-yo”!

For an overweight of 10 kilos, it will take on a diet of 2 months and 1/2 variable among individuals. Some will lose and much faster at the beginning of the regime, for others it will be slower. For example, if you are obese with a large excess fat and in addition you are retaining water, you probably lose more than a kilo per week because your body loses water stored in excess over fat loss.
in most cases, the loss of one kilo per week will be a good and reasonable pace.

Why diets do not work?

As we know, the plans do not work in the long term. This caused a stir in the press and that’s what most studies show that studied the effectiveness of these schemes. You lose weight but we take the kilos over time, with a little bonus. Here, we offer a path that has proven itself and that works.
People usually turn to drastic diets or miracle methods found in magazines and are victims of the “yo-yo”. Indeed, the body adapts and reduces its basal metabolism when it is facing a “shortage” that drags on. It is then obliged to spend less energy.

Energy intake in calories of these restrictive diets are generally low, and protein intake not always suitable. The body will then draw directly into the muscles – reserves of protein and energy – to compensate for this lack. Less muscle, it is the lower metabolism so calories burned by the body.

These deprivations that can not last forever, they eventually crack and show the usual diet before, or else let go squarely on the worst food.
They regrossissent even more than before by eating “light” because the metabolism decreased and the body made reservations in case of another famine … These diets also deprive vitamins and minerals, with adverse consequences for health (including calcium). In addition, social life is affected because dieters long are constantly tired or aggressive. And it is the spouse or children that support …
In short, as you can see, restrictive diets are ineffective and harmful in the long run.

What weight do during a diet?

The weight will help you during your diet – and after – to stabilize your weight. With an increase in muscle mass, you will increase your metabolism and therefore the number of calories you consume at rest. The regime may be followed by a “dry” – a diet in the jargon of bodybuilding – is a difficult time to live for the practitioner training. This should lose its fat and try to keep the maximum muscle to show a dry physical and sharpened, see skinned.

For the beginner bodybuilding – or fitness – who decides to couple his diet to lose fat with sports sessions, you can look under bodybuilding program to set up your program. There are many programs tailored to the level and goals of a beginner.

The easiest way is to do all the body during exercise, 3 times a week. Add to your strength training 3 cardio sessions per week as running.

For others who are already training or have completed a ground connection , it is best advised and even during a regime to train in short series, not to lower its charges to avoid losing muscle.It can also increase the rest between sets because it gets less and less quickly when dieting.Indeed, during a diet there is decrease in maximal exercise capacity due to the reduction in the stock of muscle and liver glycogen, due to the restriction of carbohydrates. It is not the time to try to increase its performance.

Must do cardio for the regime?

The cardio is helpful to lose calories and raise metabolism during and after the session for several hours. The long drive will eventually consume a little fat but do not abuse under pain of being flat and buler muscle.
The cardio session can be done preferably during the days off (for beginners) or after weight training (for trained), always after! Leave on 3 sessions per week. We can do 20-30 minutes of cardio if you Casez session after weight training. If a session is dedicated to cardio during a rest day, 45 to 60 minutes will do.

Another way to increase energy expenditure is to have an active life other than to stay on the couch and cultivate laziness. Some simple examples are to be applied as the act of walking instead of taking the car, not to watch TV or play video games, walking in and out with your children, do housework more often, a little lower heating, etc … It is acting on his lifestyle and change bad sedentary habits.

How to eat during the regime?

As a result, some nutrition tips to help you set up your diet weight loss or dry:


This is certainly the best way to lose weight but mostly in muscle mass! Rather, it is advisable to gradually reduce food intake.
For percentages of each nutrient, if we want to lose weight and limit the loss of muscle mass leave on 30% of calories from protein, 20% fat and 50% carbohydrates. Use the calculations thetable of calories present in the dietary part of the website or online calculator calories of this website.


Many nutritionists recommend that this way of eating. The advantages are many: increased metabolism (digestion), better absorption and utilization of nutrients and calories, improved hormone production (endocrine system), increased protein synthesis, faster recovery, stable energy rates etc. You have to eat more often and distribute the calorie intake.


If you are new to strength training and that you know nothing about nutrition, see the website of the nutrition section to be sensitized on the importance of protein when doing a diet with weight training.
Whether you are in the plan or dry, eat quality protein at each meal and vary your sources to maximize absorption. For example, you can complete animal protein with vegetable or starch from legumes. Keep a high protein intake but not excessive. We suggest 1.5g / kg weight of the protein body to a diet with the sport, and 2 to 2.5 g / kg for those who do weight training and want to dry and sharpen. In practice, an athlete of 70 kilos will take 2 x 70 = 140g of protein, spread over 4 or 5 meals and snacks.


Reduce carbohydrates gradually but never delete the long term to keep enough energy for your daily activities and your athletic training.
Following the appraisal and the results of diet on your body, it will adjust this setting that is ie increase the good carbohydrates – low glycemic index . – if there is too much weight loss or decrease if you do not lose enough
simple sugars high glycemic index may be consumed during or after the meeting to speed recovery and replenish glycogen. Must be adjusted depending on the input intensity of the session. It is better to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates in the evening to avoid storing them as fat. The evening meal is high in protein and low in carbohydrates.


Reload carbohydrates stimulates muscle anabolism. Carbohydrate charging is a technique used by bodybuilders for not being flat. It prevents the restricted diet lowers too much energy levels and hormones. This allows the muscles to recharge glycogen and keep the strength and volume.Also think that strength training is catabolic, that is to say, it destroys the muscle. To limit this catabolism, eat carbohydrates after training or during session. This cyclic power principle is the basis of zigzag regime discussed on this website.
In some systems, there is the principle of jokers meal (once or twice a week) that recharge and be fun once in a while to take psychologically and socially.


To hunt for fat to not swallow a single gram is harmful to health. We must eat enough to avoid deficiency. Prefer oils rich in essential fatty acids (olive oil, nuts, fatty fish etc) and never go below 10% of calories.


It is those who stuff, feel fuller and stall. Are: whole grains, fibrous them, vegetables, legumes, fruits, oatmeal, etc.
They do not make you fat and fiber are poorly absorbed by the body. In revanchent it help you avoid cravings and you feed properly. You should not be hungry during your diet otherwise you throw on the worst food. For this, you must eat the right foods, often but not necessarily more in quantity and calories.


The supplements have an effect “thermogenic” are increasing heat production by the body. The include caffeine or guarana, stimulating fat burners . Those herbal such as blackcurrants, Orthosiphon, artichoke, dandelion have some interesting properties. Others are lipotropic such as choline, inositol, guarana, chitosan or Citrus Aurantium. They can be more during a weight loss diet but mostly bet on good nutrition.

How to check the results?

There are several ways to assess and verify changes in your body during your diet. One can use a compass to manually measure in several points of body fat under the skin. There are alsoscales to impedance. They give an initial response although these values, not always reliable, are to be taken lightly. They nevertheless possible to assess changes in muscle and fat.
The best way to check your appearance in addition to weighing is the measurement of waist circumference. Also ask the opinion of another person – a relative -. To assess your physical changes because when we see every day, it is difficult to evaluate things
According to the appraisal and the results, it will adjust your diet that is to say increase the caloric intake if you lose too much weight and muscle volume or decrease it if you do not lose or not enough.

And after the diet, what should we do?

If your goal was regime see the dry , lighter voila you of those extra. You have reached your goal, you are finally dry and have not lost too much muscle mass. Maybe you want to stay in good shape now to a low fat. But know that it will be difficult to take in muscle mass in these conditions, the gains will be slow and weak. Furthermore, we must always monitor the power supply.

If your goal was to lose weight to improve your figure, must now stabilize your weight. You’ve gained good experience in strength training, cardio training and nutrition has fewer secrets for you. Your goal now is to find a balance between keeping a workout and healthy eating but not as strict as that used to lose fat. We need the energy expenditure is now equal to the caloric intake.

bodybuilding diet: diet to build muscle

bodybuilding diet: diet to build muscle

Written by experts Ooreka

In bodybuilding, diet is a key to good muscle building, as well as the knowledge of morphological type , or the drive .

Good nutrition requires knowledge of the principles ofnutrition of the muscles and the definition of a regimeadapted.

muscle and calorie diet

nutritious tomato components

The body needs energy to function. This expenditure is themetabolism , a process that varies according to gender, age or morphology of people.

Strength training is a physical activity that requires even more energy. It is therefore essential to assess the caloric expenditure to determine the appropriate diet.

The idea is not to consume too much not to take fat, but also to eat enough to get in shape.

  • Men spend more calories than women.
  • Teens need more energy.
  • Calorie consumption generally decreases from 40 years.
  • More physical activity is intense and more regular energy needs are important.
  • The hormones also act as weighting element: equal activity, two men of the same morphology and the same age can have different metabolism.
  • The average BMR is estimated between 1200 and 1300 kcal per day (includes only the respiratory and digestive functions). It amounts to 2500 kcal / day for non-sporting men and 1800 kcal / day for sedentary women.
  • A sport can grow calorie consumption up to 75%. Energy intake must be adapted.
  • If you follow a weight training program , you can assess the caloric expenditure through this little formula: (height in cm – 100) × 40 = number of kcal / day or for a 1m80 man (180-100) × 40 = 3200 kcal / day

Knowing eat properly for bodybuilding

It goes without saying that excess fat fast food is to be banned. We must take into account several criteria for adequate nutrition to bodybuilding:

  • Spread well calorie intake during the day: 25% in the morning, noon 40% and 35% in the evening is the perfect balance . This is to be weighted depending on the pace.
  • Spread well the intake of protein (50%), carbohydrates (30%) and fat (20%) . This percentage is to understand caloric intake and not by weight. Be careful to read the labels …

Food basic rules to build muscles

Here are some basic rules of food preferred to build muscles:

  • Take time to eat in good conditions:
    • sitting at a table in a good position not to store fat in the wrong place, do not eat standing or watching television,
    • take the time to chew to facilitate the integration of food,
    • the protein mixtures are not meals. Snacking is prohibited.
  • Eat everything in reasonable and measured quantities: adapt the contributions of food and money.
  • Eat balanced by favoring protein to build muscle (meat, eggs, fish, soy …).
  • Do not neglect carbohydrates (cereals, fruits, vegetables …) and some fat (vegetable oil, fish fat …).
    • Never forget carbohydrates or lipids, they complement proteins and their absence may disrupt the metabolism and cause health problems.
    • It is the practice and habit that find the right balance.

Hydration and weight

Hydration is part of the diet. It is a pillar that must not be neglected in order to avoid injuries such.

Basal metabolism requires drinking a liter of water per day:

  • When does weight training, that figure is growing naturally.
  • It is therefore important to drink enough before the meetings, during the sessions and after the sessions. No need to wait thirst, drink should be a ritual.

Between the exercises, it is rather advisable to drink small amounts frequently than once a large amount.

Strength training can be a more effective way to lose fat than cardio

Strength training can be a more effective way to lose fat than cardio.

The practice of bodybuilding is not just about muscle development. By increasing the basic metabolism, it helps our body to spend more calories at rest. The cumulative cardio, strength training is a great way to eliminate fat even while you sleep! Explanations.

Metabolism in the service of the elimination of fat | Cardio-training or strength training? Lose fat while you sleep! | How to build muscle?| Calculate your BMR | Read also | Read more | Book


Metabolism in the service of the elimination of fat

false beliefsMany people think that bodybuilding is only used to gain muscle and it does not lose fat. This idea is wrong. By developing muscle mass, strength training increases basal metabolism and helps lose fat over the long term.The muscles are heavier than fat, one can certainly take a little weight on the scale but parallel refine its silhouette. Also read our dossier Strength training: the benefits to all levels .

The metabolism

The metabolism is the set of reactions occurring in the cells of our body:

  • to produce energy from nutrients (catabolism)
  • to synthesize the elements which our cells need to function (anabolism)

More commonly, the metabolism is described as all the energy expenditure of a person.

The BMR , or basal metabolic rate is the amount of minimum energy for our body to survive. It is the energy that we spend 24 hours, being the most complete rest, to ensure vital functions: organ function, maintaining body temperature, cell renewal, muscle activity. Basal metabolism depends on several parameters: gender, height, weight and age. For example, basal metabolism of a 35 year old male weighing 70 kg and measuring 1 m 70 is approximately 1640 kcal. That of a woman of the same age weighing 60 kilos and measuring 1 m 65 is 1370 kcal.

When we eat fewer calories than our body spends our body draws on its fat stores (triglycerides stored in the skin and around the organs) and sugars (glycogen stored in the muscles and liver). This leads to weight loss.Attention, it is neither to deny nor eat anything: not eating enough or playing a sport without a sufficient and balanced caloric intake, the body may have to dip into muscle mass. But the loss of muscle fibers is an irreversible after the age of 25 years.

Reviews and comparison of cardio watches

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The heart rate monitor has become an essential tool of the sport, whether to train, lose weight or simply maintain its shape. But current watches offer much more than just reading the pulse.Depending on the sport, they boarded an impressive number of additional features to make the most of its output. What happens next?

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Lost more calories by increasing metabolismTo burn more calories, so just increase its metabolism. This can be done several ways. For example, eating consumes energy and therefore increases our energy expenditure. The temperature is the same: a cold shower forcing our body to burn calories to maintain its internal temperature. Physical activity, cardio training for example, greatly increases the metabolism, not only during the event but several hours later. You can find more information about this topic in our article: how to effectively increase metabolism .

This same principle applies to the rest: by increasing the basal metabolic rate, we will manage to expend more calories during inactivity, such as sleeping!

Strength training increases the basal metabolism

Max protein Definition

The practice of bodybuilding has the effect of developing muscle mass. The generated weight gain helps to increase basal metabolism. Moreover, during recovery, the muscle uses energy to rebuild, increasing metabolism naturally this. Finally, more muscle takes up the volume, the more it needs energy to function. This is true both during physical activity (endurance sports) at rest (basal metabolism).

To illustrate this principle, consider the example of a car. Our muscles are comparable to its engine. Glycogen and fat is stored fuel when we eat. The fuel consumption of the vehicle depends on two parameters: the size of the engine (the engine) and activity (the Plan). The car will consume a lot at high speed or a coast. It is this principle that is applied in endurance sports: more activity, the higher caloric expenditure is large. Now, increasing its displacement, for example by putting a larger, more powerful engine, the car will spend even more fuel to operate because its engine is more greedy. Similarly, developing our muscles, our body expends more calories and therefore more fat, both during physical activity at rest.

Cardio or strength training? Lose fat while you sleep!

vibrating platforms: an effective way to build muscle

body vibrationThe low frequency vibrations applied to our organization trigger the stretch reflex, a muscle contraction reaction in response to these unwanted solicitations.On a vibrating platform, the muscles contract between 25 and 50 times per second! 2 to 3 sessions of a few minutes a week is sufficient for a complete muscle building. A 10 minute session equivalent to 60 minutes of intensive training. Learn more

Endurance sports increase metabolism during exercise time and only a few hours after. The effects of such a run last up to 24 hours after the activity. During high intensity efforts,split exercises for example, the metabolism can stay higher up to 72 hours after exercise! During this time, more fat is burned including during sleep.

In comparison, a weight training session allows to spend less calories but its effect on metabolism is more durable.Muscle mass increased as the days and muscle power consuming throughout its reconstruction, basal metabolism increases. Thus, the organism spends more energy at rest.In the long term, more fat is burned.

Combining regular weight training and cardiovascular workouts, so visible it can increase its metabolism so more fat is consumed during and after exercise, including during sleep!

Fats are the main energy source used by the body at rest and during physical activity of low intensity (over 80% of the energy expended comes from fat). Increase the basal metabolism is so much more about their elimination.

How to build muscle?

Gaining muscle is to increase their muscle mass. After age 25, the number of muscle fibers decreases. It is therefore on the volume of fibers that work is done. You can earn 10% to 15% dry mass by performing appropriate exercises.

To develop muscle mass, three conditions must be met. It is necessary :

  • a specific training program because of sets and repetitions with heavy loads
  • a nutritional program rich in protein
  • rest

Electrical stimulation is also a convenient and efficient way to build muscles. It is particularly effective for the abdominal muscles and back. See our fileElectrostimulation: recognized virtues .
training program

Literature and Internet abound on the subject. We give here some basic tips. You will find exercises and photos on the site of Akelys .

It is muscle by lifting weights or using your own body:

  • Make several sets of repetitions of the same movement.
  • Allow 3 5 sets of 5 maximum 10 repetitions.
  • If you are able to perform more than 20 repetitions of the same exercise, the weight is not enough, increase.
  • Plan short breaks between sets (1-2 minutes).
  • Practice of 2 to 3 sessions per week for 20 to 30 minutes.

For a map and exercises to do at home without equipment, we recommend the program 66 (6 sets of 6 exercises) our Fabien partner, trainer: This program allows to track video gestures to do to build muscle effectively and safely. See the program .

The muscle to grow, needs a fuel: the protein. It must also carbohydrates as an energy source and lipids for cell construction.

In a specific regime of mass gain, the balance between proteins, carbohydrates and fats is different from a conventional diet. We need more protein meals and provided less fat and carbohydrates. Protein should represent 40% of daily calorie intake against only 15% in a typical diet. It is commercially balanced meal replacement ready made (the gainers) with the right amounts of carbohydrates, fats and protein and can be eaten instead of a meal (see gainers offered by our partner and enjoy Fitnessboutique our coupon ) as well as protein products to develop muscle mass while reducing body fat (we recommend protein High Definition at Anastore, a whey whose protein concentration is optimal, no artificial sweetener or flavoring, without GMOs and using very few additives).

conventional power and ground connection system
Differences between conventional food and a ground connection scheme

Please note, this particular diet should be limited in time (4-6 weeks maximum) and only be conducted only in the specific context of a mass uptake regime. The massive intake of protein can disrupt the body, cause bloating and stomach pain. Consult your physician before undertaking such a scheme.

Your diet should also stay within your daily calorie needs and contain the nutrients necessary for your body (vitamins, trace elements, fibers, etc.). Drink lots and not skip meals, especially breakfast which helps the body startup and prevents your body to tap into muscle mass.

Allow 24 to 48 hours of rest between two sessions to allow the muscles time to recover. Indeed, it is during rest that the muscle grows. During exercise, muscle fibers are micro-tears. The muscle rebuilds and strengthens during the inactivity following, becoming stronger than before the effort.

Do not accumulate weight training and cardio sessions on the same day.


shapely muscle



Regularly provide quality calories essential for muscle development to gain muscle quickly without taking body fat for conditions close to the Fitness competition.


– Ratio of contributions in macro-nutrients: Carbohydrates 50% / 38% Protein / Fat 12%
– Number of Meals & Snacks Middle / Day:  6
– Mean Time between shots: 2 / 3h
– Hydration Average / Day: 2 Litres

The food type for the muscle


Your results depend on the quality of your diet and quantities which will be linked to your goal. There are 4 kcal per g of protein per g of carbohydrates, against, there is 9 kcal per g lipid. It is recommended that about 5 meals a day to maintain muscle growth while maintaining a constant blood sugar.

Never jump meals, and drink 2 to 3 liters of water daily for optimal muscle volume.

Among the carbohydrates, choose those with a Glycemic Index (GI). Regarding protein, be sure to bring at each meal in order not to degrade your muscles, when your body needs it most, whether the protein foods or protein powders . For fats, avoid fat cooking (prefer the oven or grill, or steam), and favor from fat dried fruits, fish, olive oil and avoid any form of saturated fat. For seasoning, replace salt with herbs or spices.



A fitness entrianement for muscle curve


The main thing that will determine your progress in bodybuilding remains primarily your total calories and your intake of supplements .

Complex carbon hydrates are preferable (cereals, wholemeal bread, pulses, brown rice, pasta ….). It is cooked quantities.

Make sure you absorb your carbohydrates with protein foods rich (white meat, fish, egg whites,) it will be more effective.

Fatty acids Omega 3 are recommended for a fast weight . They are found in fish, among others, are known to repel fatigue and give energy. Therefore encourage called unsaturated fats they are a source of energy (walnut olive oil, …) and your vegetables for your intake of vitamins and minerals.

So just a few minutes after ingestion, the amino acids are ready to be used by the muscles.

IMPORTANT:  This program is a database  provided for information that should help you determine your own program based on your body habitue and your own genetics. It is possible that your metabolism requires some adjustments from the characteristics of the city program to ensure optimal progression.