Eating well is not only to improve your performance

Eating well is not only to improve your performance. This prevents fatigue and breakage …! Because our body is very busy during the effort, and he must not miss anything! To prevent sores and keep fit, follow our tips!

How to avoid the shot bar or breakage during sport? By making the right food choices!

Tone plate!

To prevent the change of course, must be full of energy before exercise! For that, no secret: you have to think carbohydrates. It is the fuel footballer! These sugars will allow the body to store resserves directly used during the game.Pasta, rice, potatoes, bread … so must imperatively appear in the menu.Warning: take your last meal at least three hours before the event. Otherwise, the energy used to digest risk of you defaulting on the ground …

During exercise, these are the sugars that give you back a boost in case of loss of power. You can opt for soft drinks (not too concentrated) or cereal bars. Also consider the dried fruit is an excellent easily assimilated energy snack. They provide, in addition, valuable minerals for muscle activity (especially potassium and magnesium).

An iron!

sports nutritionIron is a trace mineral that enters the composition of the red cell hemoglobin, myoglobin muscles, and many enzymatic reactions necessary for cell respiration. It is an essential element to keep fit and avoid the cons-performance. From the perspective of the coverage of needs, meat, especially red meat, is the most interesting source: it contains the form of iron is best absorbed by the body. Furthermore, meat, poultry or fish will promote the absorption of this mineral from other foods. They are thus essential food to avoid deficiencies. But swallowing iron-rich foods is not enough! It should also consume vitamins (C, for example) that facilitate the absorption of this mineral.So do not forget the fruits and vegetables. In contrast, other foods such as tea or coffee decrease its absorption. To avoid !

No bobo!

To stay strong and avoid small accidents, you must maintain your entire body, focusing on the muscles and bones.

  • For muscles: Meat, fish and eggs are rich in protein to help maintain muscle (contrary to popular belief, red meat consumption has no effect on the risk of tendonitis). The proteins also involved in the production of bone matrix.
  • For bones: Dairy products at every meal to ensure adequate intake of calcium and protein, which help strengthen the bones. Please note, dairy desserts (custards, creams …) provide less calcium than yoghurt and fermented milks.Alternate cheese and milk to limit fat intake. Do not forget vitamin D, essential for bones. She hides in eggs, butter and liver in particular.
  • For the body: Fruits and vegetables, which give you fiber, vitamins and minerals to keep the body at the top. They also provide you with the antioxidants to fight against injuries. Eat at least five fruits and vegetables daily, fresh canned or frozen.

In practice, see our races for athletes to make good food choices. And do not forget to drink regularly.

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