5 Surprising Benefits of weight training on your health

5 Surprising Benefits of weight training on your health

You think that bodybuilding is only used to get big biceps? Let all those who raise the melting are fans of bulking up to show off on the beach this summer? Think again ! Strength training has many virtues that you can not ignore if you want to take care of your health!

1) Strength training improves its silhouette

barbell weightEndurance sports like running have many benefits for the body (including cardiac point of view), but they do not strengthen all muscles of the body, such as abs or arms.

A healthy body should have no muscular deficit .

All muscle deficit will have to be compensated by seeking more other muscles. For example, a strength deficit in the midsection causes excessive use of the back muscles every day. This abnormal working the back muscles can cause pain in the back that can become annoying or debilitating.

Strength training makes it possible to develop and consolidate a large majority of body muscles in a targeted manner.abdominal strengthYou are a woman and you are afraid of becoming a bodybuilder oversized muscles? ๐Ÿ™‚Rest assured! Muscle development is more complicated to get women. It requires training and special dietary … Ladies, practice strength training will not give you big muscles, instead, you will tone up and improve your figure!

By cons for you gentlemen, regular weight training you will, among other to develop your pectorals, to have a strong back, wider shoulders and better posture so overall quite aesthetically appreciable ๐Ÿ™‚

2) Strength training prevents backache

backache bodybuildingDid you know that the majority of back pain are muscular pains order? Strengthening back muscles allows the prevention and reduction of the famous “back pain” , a true modern chronic disease.

So more back muscles are toned, more keeps the spine is provided.In addition, the muscular development of the abdominal and lower back, which play a key role in the balance of the basin, effectively prevents backache.

A balanced and toned musculature is therefore an important issue to prevent a position too arched or hunched daily.

3) Strength training helps fight against osteoporosis

Remember, osteoporosis is a disease that is manifested by excessive skeletal fragility, due to decreased and impaired bone mass (see article on WikiPedia ).

When the weight is associated with a balanced diet, this activity becomes a predominant element of prevention in the fight against osteoporosis .Indeed, when the muscles contract, they exert a pull on the bones to which they are attached. This stress causes the bones to strengthen by accumulation of calcium .

bone densitometry measurements performed in women who started weight training after 50 years, show a decrease and stabilization of osteoporosis.

4) If the muscles can prevent the effects of aging.

fitness seniorMaintaining good muscle tone is an important factor for the mobility and independence of older people.

Strength training can be practiced even in old age! Indeed, exercises located on a muscle (called analytical exercises) produce virtually no cardiovascular stress.

By increasing muscle mass (and thus the strength and bone mass), seniors improve their balance and thus their ability to travel.There is even talk of seniors who have shed their cane after beginning a strength training program.

5) Strength training improves well-being

Like many physical activities, weight training promotes endorphin secretion. This hormone is a natural tranquilizer which reduces stress.

Also, have a more toned, stronger and healthier helps to have more self-confidence!

Strength training and the paleo diet

Strength training is an integral part of the Paleo model … Our hunter-gatherer ancestors had intense physical activity and were regularly lifting heavy objects : wood, animal carcasses, shelter materials, stones etc …

To practice bodybuilding in the Paleo diet ย :

  • Prefer explosive movements apace.
  • Doing functional exercises involving the whole body to develop large athletic skills and a very good force / weight.

Ideally, the sessions should not last more than 30 minutes.

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